Enhance the way you socialize


Specially picked things to do with others based on shared interests. Easy and fun !


Activities based on your interests

Fun things to do around you according to what you like. Explore from over several genres of interests . 


Outbuddies! Your Like minded clan

 Ever wondered how it would be , to do things with people who share same interests as you ?  Socialize over real activities with like minded people.


Is it Social Media? Is it where I find stuff of my interest?

YES! It's all what you wanted. Yo have your own network of like minded people to do stuff what you always wanted to!


Become our early adopter !

Here's a link to sign up to be one of our early adopters. What's that?

You get to use our product before anyone else and have a chance to give your valuable feedback to curate it according to you.

Head Right Away!

message from the founder

Outbuds is created by me, Sarthak Gupta, just your regular engineering student . This idea was drawn out from my personal experience when my brother left for college to another city and I myself finished college with all friends getting scattered. I thought about a platform where people could do things they like  with people who have same interests as them.

Just as each person has a soul mate, I truly believe each one of us has many 'socialmates'  people who we develop real friendships with. Outbuds is your go to tool to connect you with them.

It is my baby, for you!

Sarthak Gupta

 Connect with me on social media or write at : 



What exactly is outbuds?

Outbuds is a mobile app that lets people connect with like minded people over real world activities according to shared interests. A great new way to find new friends .

Where can I use Outbuds ?

While our goal is to enable every single person in india, to connect with like minded people, we are currently operating in Delhi-NCR to test out our product. Hold the boat, we'll be with y'all very soon!

What's with the name Outbuds ?

So glad you asked! No scientific logic! Buddies you can hangout with in the real outside world.

Our main aim is to up your socializing game and move over boring chats and  swipes.

Real connections demand real and comfortable environment .

Is it safe to use Outbuds ?

We at outbuds keep your safety at topmost priority. Thus one of our main features is to provide a safe environment for you to get acquainted with. Fully secure. No fakes!